Jon Wolf

Keyboardist/Guitarist/Vocalist: British Invasion Years
President/CEO: Live Web Studios

With over 30 years professional experience playing keyboards, piano, acoustic and electric guitars,
Jon Wolf has spanned the spectrum of musical diversity.

His passion for web design and graphic arts has
fueled the success of his web hosting development and company.

What I Do

Jon has performed coast to coast in a diverse span in musical styles. His band experiences range from full costumed disco bands, touring 7-piece country bands, to lounge bands in the cruise ship circuit.

He is current performing nationally with the British Invasion Years.


Who I Am

Jon is the CEO/President of Live Web Studios a company he founded in 2003. They specialize in web design and graphics, website hosting and maintenance of sites, as well as helping clients with online marketing and social media strategies.


My Work

Jon has 20 years experience in the IT field and has created professional websites for companies ranging from international manufacturers, large e-commerce websites to local architects and plumbers.

His online website and graphics portfolio can be found on his company's website.

Say Hello.

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